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Totally Organized is a DFW based organizing service devoted to helping people organize their homes and businesses so they can live more efficiently, productively and peacefully. Traci has over 10 years of experience helping clients transform their spaces, build processes, break old habits, and helping to alter the way clients view their time and the ‘things’ around them.


None of us have time in our lives to be overwhelmed and yet so much of our time is spent there. We are overwhelmed by clutter, major transitions, the growing to do list, and mostly by the limited time we have to get it all done. We all desire to live our lives in a more simplified way.  If you don’t feel a sense of calm when you walk into your home or much of your time at work is spent ‘catching up’, there will never be a better time than now to gain control of your surroundings and transform your space and systems into sustainable solutions.


We welcome the opportunity to help you develop and implement a plan that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle. The outcome will be functional, easy to maintain and visually pleasing. Most of all, it will enable you spend more time with family, friends and what is most important to you. 




We can tackle any space big or small that is a stress point in your life…kitchens, closets, garages, home offices, playrooms, memories and more. We assess, prioritize and develop a plan that works in your timeframe and budget.





We help you and your employees with space organization, filing systems, daily processes and workflow, time management, individual solutions, and more. Your investment in your team increases efficiency and raises morale.






Adding a professional organizer to the moving mix ensures everything gets done efficiently and gets the new space organized from the start. We can also help turn unwanted items into cash, take care of recycling, donations or large item pickup.  




Traci Olivares Totally Orginazed, LLC Founder 
Tel: 214.325.4194

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