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Custom Home Remodeling

May 12, 2022|

Traci Olivares, the founder/owner of Totally Organized, has added custom home remodeling to her resume. Traci recently partnered with Stephanie Moore Hagar of Moore Design Group on the renovation of a luxury home in Preston Hollow. She worked directly with subcontractors, oversaw the finish out work, and made sure client specs were being followed. She [...]

What is a Certified Professional Organizer and What Do They Do?

April 25, 2022|

Did you know that clutter has been found to negatively impact your well-being? Studies show that when we live in disarray, our moods and stress levels reflect this. If you are looking for ways to lessen stress and clutter in your life, working with a professional organizer may be the key. Read on to [...]

6 Simple Tips to Stay Organized During a Move

March 17, 2022|

Would you have a guess who moves more? Males or females? Females tend to move more and that could mean a lot more shoes to pack! Are you gearing up for a move? Are you busy looking at moving companies? Using packing and unpacking services for a move is ideal especially if you move a lot. [...]

How to Get Organized for Tax Season

February 14, 2022|

The deadline for most companies and organizations to get out their tax statements to employees and clients was January 31st. So, you’ve likely been receiving important documents in the mail or at least have access to them online. While you still have a couple of months to get with your accountant or log into a [...]

10 Organizing Mistakes You May Be Making

January 17, 2022|

You spend countless hours organizing your home, but just as soon as you get it done, it ends up in chaos again.  Perhaps your system is not working for you, or maybe you need to clarify your reasons for organizing.  If your home does not feel calm and peaceful despite all of your efforts, [...]

How To Get Organized For the New Year

December 31, 2021|

New Year, New System One of the most common New Year's Resolutions people make is to organize their space. The popularity of Marie Kondo and the Minimalists gets many excited. It would be nice to find scissors when you need them and have space for new stuff.   But, when you look around, you are [...]


“Traci is full of easy tips, tricks, and ideas to help get “life on track”. She has given me ideas to help keep me focused and eliminate the chaos in my life. If you haven’t met with Traci to discuss ways to organize your life, you should. She’s also available to meet with groups, so don’t keep her to yourself!”

– J. McAloon

“Traci is so amazing, she is so suportive and helps keep me organized! She organized my office – out with the old, in with the new. Now I am ready for business! Thank you Traci!”

– Carrie S.

Traci Olivares has been an absolute God-send to me! Moving is so stressful. It is overwhelming and quite the daunting task. She rolled up her sleeves and just started unpacking, sorting, and organizing. Prior to the moving truck showing up, she lined all my drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. She prepped as much as she could before the items arrived. As she sorted and organized she made a list of containers and things she needed so that on the following day she would put those items where they needed to go and get things nice and tidy. She also did my pantry and it looks absolutely amazing. I thought I was a pretty organized and tidy person, but after watching Traci go to work, and do the things that she did in a short amount of time, she takes organization to a whole new level. My kitchen makes complete sense to me, my bathroom drawers look amazing and all my beauty products have a home. She made my move enjoyable and much less stressful, AND it looks just so wonderful. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to anyone who is looking for her services. I wish I had used her prior to my move to pack the house up. She would have marked the boxes more specific than the movers and things would have been packed nicer. Her package pricing is priceless for the services she provides and I can’t say enough about how instrumental she has been in getting me moved into my home. If you are on the fence about using her services because you think you can do it better, or you would rather not spend the money…PLEASE THINK TWICE because I promise, you will be so happy you invested in her services and let her help you manage your move. I used to dread moving, but after using her, I could honestly say that if I had to move again, I wouldn’t dread it knowing I had her on my team to help me out. Traci, you are a God-sent Angel!!!”

– Michelle S.


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