Spring cleaning and organizing go hand in hand. To deep clean a space, you first have to empty it. Once you have displaced your belongings, you must make an active choice to return them to where they were. This is a great opportunity to take stock of what you own, toss or donate unneeded items, and organize the things you do put back. Here are twenty tips for how to spring clean and organize every room in your home.

Closets and Drawers

  • As you swap out your winter wardrobe for warm weather clothes and shoes, weed out anything you didn’t wear over the past season. Consider tossing or donating these items rather than continuing the cycle of storage and unuse.
  • After vacuuming out your empty closet and drawers, invest in storage items to help you keep things organized. This includes shoe racks, bins, drawer dividers, hanging accessory shelves, and multi-garment hangers.
  • Clean out all your bags, purses, and suitcases, removing any detritus that may have been left behind from the last time you used them.


  • Empty your shelves to deep clean them, then dust each item before you put it back. This is a great opportunity to alphabetize your books, donate unwanted ones, and toss bric-a-brac you no longer need.
  • Flip your mattress, clean under your bed, and evaluate the under-bed storage situation. Has it become a hiding place for more than just dust bunnies? Or could it be used for long-term storage to free up space elsewhere in your house?

Home Office

  • Sort through piles of paper, determining whether to file, shred, or recycle each item.
  • Test each of your pens and toss any that no longer work.
  • Clean out drawers and sort miscellaneous supplies like paperclips into organizers.


  • Go through your medicine cabinet and weed out expired products.
  • Toss old or unused makeup items and wash your brushes.
  • Organize your cleaning supplies in a caddy and pitch anything that has become old or grimy.


  • Clean out your cabinets and drawers, donating or recycling old takeout containers, surplus mugs, and mismatched dishware you no longer need.
  • Do a cupboard sweep, bringing the oldest canned goods to the front and alphabetizing your spices.
  • Wipe down the condiments in your fridge, sort them by like items, and replace things that are out-of-date.
  • Evaluate the storage situation of your kitchen appliances as you deep clean each one. Are there any rarely used items taking up valuable counter real estate that should be stored instead? Anything you never use that could be donated rather than kept for “someday, maybe?”

Living Room and Playrooms

  • Go through the toy bins to check for items your children have outgrown and decide whether to donate or move them into long-term storage.
  • Sort through and recycle magazines that have been gathering dust on end tables.
  • After wiping down your coffee table, ask yourself—are there any items that have become semi-permanent fixtures here that should live elsewhere?


  • Take stock of what you have in storage as you clean the spiderwebs and dust from the shelves. Find any holiday decorations, gardening gear, or camping supplies that you haven’t used in years and likely won’t anytime soon.
  • Don’t forget about your car. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to toss condiment packets, takeout napkins, empty coffee cups, damaged reusable bags, and other things that may have accumulated over the past year.

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