Did you know some families spend as much as $700 when preparing to move into a dorm? Figuring out how to organize your college dorm room is a fun and unique experience, but it can be overwhelming to jigsaw all your belongings into a small space.

With some creativity and strategic planning, you can easily fit all your belongings into your new home! Keep reading for our 8 best dorm room organization ideas.

1. Create a Moving Binder

We recommend putting together a moving binder with helpful information, like what to pack and dorm room storage ideas. Including new contacts and a list of things to do before and after your move will help keep you on track.

2. Raise Beds for More Space

You can invest in bed risers or loft the dorm beds to create more under bed storage for dorm rooms. By lifting the bed off the floor, you can maximize this storage with labeled bins.

3. Label Your Belongings

Using labels can help keep you on track by creating a system to maintain organization. Once you have your labels, it can also help you declutter your belongings when something doesn’t fit into the category.

4. Invest in Multi-Use Furniture

By purchasing versatile, foldable storage organizers, you can set them up or fold them down when not in use. Stack multiple to save space. They are perfect for creating a neat, organized cubby system in your room.

5. Utilize a Cloth Hanging Shelf

When shopping for your dorm room, don’t forget about dorm closet organizer ideas. Whether you need a makeshift dresser or just have clothing you aren’t willing to get rid of, you can use a cloth hanging shelf for shoes, extra clothing, or even belongings.

6. Try Over-The-Door Racks

A great dorm room hack is optimizing space using empty doors and wall spaces to store things vertically. You can easily do this with over-the-door racks for laundry, small storage, or shoes!

7. Attach a Bedside Shelf

If you don’t have room for an entire nightstand, you can easily invest in a bedside shelf that attaches to the bed frame. This makes all your nightly use items, like phone charger and water bottle, easily accessible and saves space.

8. Install a Door Mounted Mirror

Some dorms come with mirrors built into the wall or closet door, but you can easily buy one that hangs on the door. Many of these also come with hidden storage behind the mirror to allow for hanging jewelry, makeup or perfumes.

Ready for Ultimate Dorm Room Organization?

With some consideration and some planning, college dorm room organization doesn’t need to be a daunting task, which is why we’re here to help.

Whether it’s your first year of college or you have a small space to live in, using our dorm room tips can help. Still feeling stuck? Contact us for professional organization services!

Let’s Do It!