Pretty soon the holidays will be upon us and we’ll be packing up the family to go over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. Believe it or not, you can be organized in how and what you pack for your holiday travel. Here’s how:

Start Early

Planning ahead during a busy holiday season will alleviate some of the stress of getting it all done when it’s time to leave. Make a list, check it twice, for what you need to bring with you. Consider the extra things you might need to account for during the holidays, such as the weather, activities, gifts, and food.  Don’t forget your daily items such as medicine and electronics. Your clothing packing list will be separate (see below).

Starting your list 1-2 weeks before your travel also allows you to add to it as new things come to mind. Then, when it’s time to pack 1-2 days ahead of time, you’ll be able to quickly get everything for everyone together.

Outfit Planner Packing List

Hundreds of packing lists exist telling you to bring as many shirts and bottoms as there are days on your trip. However, having planned out what you’ll wear daily with an outfit planner is a more organized and efficient way to pull together a packing list. Check the weather so you know if you need warmer or cooler clothes, rain gear, etc. 

Write down the outfits you think you’ll wear daily. It’s okay for some flexibility, but this curtails overpacking as well. Why pack an extra pair of dress pants when you know you’ll end up wearing your jeans again? 

Taking a day-by-day outfit approach ensures you have items that match, rather than grabbing 5 random tops and 5 random bottoms. Be sure to include both your underwear and outerwear as well as shoes and accessories for each day. 

Packing Cubes

While there are packing experts that may oppose using packing cubes as an unnecessary extra step, we recommend them for their organizational benefits. 

Packing cubes come in packs that usually contain a variety of sizes. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and which of the below methods you use, but consider purchasing packing cubes in uniform sizing so that they fit neatly into your suitcase.  

Purchasing compression packing cubes reduces the space in your suitcase by compressing the air out of clothing through an extra zipper. You can do this simply by folding your clothes tightly as well. 

Pack Cubes by Family Member

Purchase a different packing cube color for each family member. When you go to unpack, it’s easy to remember which cubes belong to whom. It makes finding what you need faster, especially if you’re moving from location to location during your holiday. 

If it’s just one person traveling, use a variety of packing cube colors to sort items such as underwear, bottoms, tops, etc.

Pack Cubes by Day

Especially if you use the outfit planner, it makes sense to use your packing cubes by day rather than by family members. Just don’t forget if you have something that you might use over multiple days to put it in the first day and move it along as needed. 

Unpack Right Away

When you’re traveling for the holidays, it’s easy to drop your suitcases and go. However, spend a few minutes unpacking, especially to let clothes air out, fluff back to life, and hopefully get a little wrinkle relief. If you’re using cubes, it is also easy to just pop those cubes into dresser drawers or on shelves.

Unpacking also lets your suitcase become a “hamper” for the rest of the vacation for your dirty clothes. 

Consider Hiring a Professional Organizer

Organizing your closet and clothes before you start packing can make it easier to see a plan for your outfits. Consider working with a professional organizer to get your home and closets in shape before the holidays begin. Totally Organized can help organize your space and create a plan for packing for your holiday travel. We love the holidays and want to help you focus on enjoying the spirit of the season.

Let’s Do It!