Before you have kids, “summer” reminds you of a long beach vacation you took with your friends. But once you become a parent, the season is all about finding the perfect summer activities to stay organized while having kids at home. Juggling work, home, and family can be easier if you plan ahead of time.

Here are some helpful activities to stay organized with kids this summer season.

Maintain Routines

Create a family schedule but make your children a part of it by asking them what they want to do over their break. While unstructured days are ok for weekends, maintaining a consistent routine for weekdays will ensure some discipline. That will also help you make a smooth transition back to school when summer vacation is over. Set their morning and bedtime routines, the activities they want to participate in during the weekdays, and stick to it.

Pick dates for events and activities and write them down on the family calendar. Having these important days in writing helps you prepare mentally as they approach. It also serves as a reference point for anxious children who keep asking “How many more days until…?”

Plan Play Dates

Allow your children to stay in touch with their friends on weekends and free days. You can plan outings with your children and their friends, so your kids don’t feel disconnected. BBQs in your backyard, trips to a private pool, and a get-together at your home will offer opportunities for your children to socialize while being out of school.

Use this season to get to know other families in your neighborhood. Host a play date with simple activities planned for the kids and some snacks for the moms. This could become a monthly get-together with each family taking a turn to host. A group setting like this one can offer the opportunity to form lifelong friendships – for kids and moms!

Prepare Summer Snacks

Cooking becomes so much fun with your little helpers. Paint mason jars, plastic containers, or baskets and label them for fruits, vegetables, and treats. Let your children decide how they want to prepare a snack by choosing their own ingredients.

You can make natural juices, fruit salads, and wraps at home. All you need is kid-friendly (plastic) knives and some simple tools so that your kids can easily help to clean up the mess. Organize everything in a pantry, fridge, or cupboard, and plan your grocery list according to your summer menu.

Fun in the Sun

Enjoy some outdoor time with your kids! Family vacations to the beach are ideal, but may not be in your summer plans. If not, let your kids swim at a local or neighborhood pool. You can look for nearby indoor pools and water parks as well.

When you’ve had enough of the water, you might consider taking a walk together, creating chalk murals on the driveway, or blowing bubbles in the backyard. Keep your kids active by encouraging them to ride their bikes or scooters and to surf on their skateboard. In areas with extreme summer heat, you may want to limit this outdoor fun to the early morning or evening hours when temperatures are mild. Don’t forget to always apply sunscreen!

Try Out Something New

Since you and your kids will be home most of the season, use this opportunity to try out something new. Gardening, planting a tree, caring for a pet, and baking cupcakes with your kids are just some of the many ideas you can try out at home. Your kids will have lots of new stories and experiences to share once school resumes.

Other ideas include:

  • Visit your local library and let them pick out a stack of books
  • Try making your own homemade ice cream with fresh fruit added
  • Camp out in the backyard
  • Visit a museum
  • Find a volunteer project that is age-appropriate
  • Do an online search for easy crafts & have the supplies ready to go

Boredom Busters

No parent ever wants to hear “I’m bored” from their kids, especially during the summer. That’s why you should always be prepared with a few go-to activities that kill boredom. Create “I’m bored jarsor keep a list suggesting the things they can do if monotony sets in. Older kids can help you brainstorm ideas for this list.

Get your children involved in daily chores. Give them their own feather duster. Teach them to push the vacuum. Let them help you rinse the dishes. Although this may be tedious at first, it will help develop an attention to order that will benefit you both in the long run. Be sure to include extra chores on the list in case older children get bored! Either your house will be spotless or they’ll learn quickly to find something to do on their own – it’s a win-win!

Identify what your kid wants to do individually and in groups. Would she like to play a musical instrument? Does he like collecting and reading new books? Is there a mobile app that can help them become smarter? Your ideas should include a mix of individual and group activities, so you can get some time off without any guilt. After all…it’s your vacation, too!

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