Traveling together as a family can be the source of many fond memories for all.


Kids suspend schoolwork and parents stop work activities so they can focus on having fun and spending time together. However, without proper planning and organization, a family trip meant to be enriching and exciting can end up exasperating.

A bit of preplanning before embarking on family trips can avoid unnecessary stress. In this guide, we are going to discuss the best organizational tips and hacks to help you keep everything in order on your next family vacation.

5 Tips for Staying Organized on Family Trips

Sometimes, the excitement of taking a family vacation is so overwhelming we forget the little details that go into planning a successful trip. Here are some valuable tips and ideas that will help you plan a memorable vacation without drowning in last-minute errands.

1. Have a Vacation Packing Checklist

A vacation-packing list can be your ultimate resource for easing your packing stress. Get more professional with your packing using checklists to avoid leaving any crucial belongings behind when you step out of the door.

Don’t wait until the day of departure to make a packing list because you may leave out essential items. Remember to prepare a checklist long before your trip day so you can add more items over time.

However, here’s another question: what should be on your packing list?

Your packing checklist must feature every item you need for a convenient family trip. Since you may be traveling with your kids, parents, or even grandparents, it’s best to create an individual packing list for every family member.

To make this work, give every family member a list to itemize the things he/she will need for the trip.

That way, you will get a fair idea of what everyone needs to be prepared for and comfortable on your vacation.

What’s more, the same packing checklist will also serve as a reference guide to ensure you don’t leave any items behind when you’re heading back home.

2. Use Packing Cubes for Organized Luggage

Packing cubes are super effective for maintaining a sense of order while you’re away from home. They help you organize your luggage by storing different categories of items into portable sections. That means you can have one cube for your underwear, a separate cube for your t-shirts, and another cube for your accessories.

When you have different sections for different items, you don’t have to rummage through your luggage or bag to find things. You can easily take out the exact cube you need with the particular item you want, rather than pulling out everything from your suitcase. Not only do packing cubes prevent cluttering, but they also save you valuable time.

Furthermore, packing cubes help you keep your clothes clean and reduce wrinkles. You won’t have to pull out every piece of clothing in your suitcase to get to that one shirt in the bottom. Your clothes are in different places and sections, which means quick and easy access to your stuff. This is beneficial because, let’s be honest, who wants to do laundry or iron on vacation?

3. Use Backseat Car Organizers for Convenient Road Trips

Road trips with the family are fun and exciting. However, storing gear and essentials in your trunk or cargo area means you have to stop your car and dig every time you need something.

That’s where backseat car organizers come into the picture.

With these functional car accessories, you can reduce the stress of accessing essential items to enjoy an uninterrupted and convenient road trip.

Backseat organizers help you store games and toys for your kids so they can enjoy their time in the car. They also accommodate different snacks for your family so everyone can munch along the way. You can also store water bottles and beverages in order to keep passengers well hydrated.

The best part is that backseat car organizers reduce the clutter that comes with having too many items in your backseat. That’s because they feature multiple pockets and pouches for storing things and keeping them within easy reach. This will help guarantee a convenient and organized road trip for you and your family.

4. Use Cable Organizers to Store Your Technology

Traveling with your family means you have to carry several tech gadgets or devices. If you don’t want to deal with misplaced or entangled cords, you can benefit from a cable organizer. Such accessories are great for arranging your chargers, headphones, earpieces, power bank, and other tech accessories.

Cable organizers are lightweight and compact. They don’t take up much space and allow every family member to keep his/her technological devices in one place.

5. Unpack at Your Vacation Destination

Once you reach your destination, keeping luggage in bags and suitcases seems like an easy way to stay organized. On the contrary, this strategy can backfire. If you want to save time and effort, taking your clothes and accessories out and arranging them is a great idea. For example, unpack your clothes and hang them in the closet. Put your toiletries in the bathroom. Arrange shoes for every member of the family, so nobody has to look for them at the last minute.

These tips will prevent you from going through your suitcases or pulling your clothes out on the floor every time you have to change your outfit. Putting things where they should be de-clutters not only your living space but also your mind. This simple tip can avoid stress and keep disorder from getting in the way of fun.

Don’t Forget to Look for Cheap Airfare Deals

If you are planning to travel with kids, don’t forget to check for cheap flight tickets and vacation packages specially designed for families. Many airlines offer attractive flight deals to popular travel destinations around the world. This saves money that you can tuck away or spend on excursions and souvenirs.

You should also look for affordable accommodation options such as resorts and guesthouses that offer discounted deals for families with kids.

Get Ready for Your Vacation

The secret to a pleasant family vacation – other than just wanting to have fun with loved ones – is being organized and prepared. Follow this guide when planning your next trip and see how maintaining a sense of order can cut down on the chaos normally associated with traveling.

If you want to know more about how to bring order to your life, get in touch with Totally Organized. We are a professional organizing service available to help you simplify every aspect of your daily living. Call our Lifestyle Experts today and get started.

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