After a summer of fun, getting back into a routine can be a hard transition. With back to school fast approaching—or already here—it’s essential to get your home organized to prevent chaos.

An organized home will work more efficiently when your life is busy with dance rehearsals and soccer practices. You can put home organization systems in place that make each room in your home run like a well-oiled machine.

Spending multiple days trying to figure out how to organize each space can be time-consuming. But there are ways to break the process down and make it a little easier. These professional organizer-approved tips can help transform your home.

1. Assess Your Space

Before doing any kind of organizing, you have to assess your space. Even the best home organization strategies won’t work if you don’t know what you’re working with.

Take note of what items you have and the kind of storage you currently utilize . This will help you know what storage solutions are best. In this stage, it’s also a good idea to purge your home of items you don’t use and clothes you don’t wear.

2. Labels Are a Must

No matter what space you’re organizing or what method you’re using to organize, you have to incorporate labels. This will make it easy to know what items are in each container and prevent you from having to dig through or move things around to get to what you need.

3. Only Tackle One Space at a Time

One of the best organization tips you can follow is tackling one space at a time. Taking apart the kitchen, the living room, and the mudroom all at once will only lead to chaos. You can’t organize your life in a day. Instead, choose one room to organize at a time.

4. Take Note of Your Habits

If you want to get and stay organized, you have to take note of your habits. Pay attention to where you place things, how you store items, and your cleaning schedule. Observe your kids’ after-school routine.

Knowing all of this, you will be able to address organization issues specific to your home and develop good organizational habits over time.

5. Creative and Smart Storage

There isn’t one storage solution that will fit every home. To get organized, first identify those spaces that need creative storage solutions. If you need a space to store your pots and pans, make that a priority. Or start with a high-traffic area in your home like the bathroom.

6. Make Putting Things Away Easy

Don’t make organizing hard on yourself. Try to make your storage solutions as one-handed as possible, as in, you only need one hand to access it. That means using open containers or drawers to store items throughout your home.

7. Put Everyday Items at the Forefront

When you have items you use constantly, you should keep them close at hand. You don’t want to dig around and mess up cabinets and drawers that you just organized. Instead, keep those everyday items at or near the front of closets, drawers, etc.

Home Organization for Back-to-School Season

Back to school is busy enough without having to work around home disarray. An unorganized home can make daily tasks and chores more difficult. Throw in the chaos of conflicting schedules, and you can quickly feel overwhelmed.

Dedicating a little time to home organization simplifies your ongoing activities and routines. Even the most basic of organizational systems can make a big difference.

A professional organizer will transform your home and your life by teaching you home organizational strategies and creating organizational systems. Inquire about our services and receive a free quote for home organization today.

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