Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the house and often the most used. You rely on them for bathing, getting ready for the day, relaxing, and more. Often bathrooms are used to store towels, toiletries, makeup, first aid kits, and cleaning supplies. Bathrooms can be small or large, and depending on your household size, can be used for one or many people. The state of your bathroom can affect how you start or end your day.

The first step in bathroom organization is to define space and function. Who uses the room, and for what purpose?

Types of Bathrooms

There are several types of bathrooms in a house:

  1. Master – Some master bathrooms are set up for two people with double sinks, a shower, tub, and toilet. Some are barely bigger than a small closet. If it is shared, there needs to be areas for each person’s things and space for two to work together.
  2. Kids might have their own bathroom or use the main bath. Spaces need to be functional, with areas for toothbrushes, hairbrushes, bath supplies, and more. Older kids need room for storing whatever they need to get ready for school.
  3. Some homes have a guest bathroom that needs to be kept neat and tidy. This guest bathroom could be a half bathroom (without a shower), a full bathroom not used regularly, or the main bathroom used by family and guests. Either way, it needs to remain presentable.

How to organize bathroom space

Once you’ve determined the bathroom function, take a look at the space. Where can you store items? Is there a closet, under sink cabinet, or drawers? Is there wall or floor space? Are there shelves?

Look at each item in the bathroom and decide what needs to be there. Go through your makeup, razors, curling irons, brushes, lotions, soaps, and shampoos. Get rid of any products that are expired or that you no longer use.

Of the things that are left, everything needs space.

Here are some popular organizational ideas:

  • If you have drawers by your sink, add dividers to separate items.
  • If you have odd spaces under the sink, you can add baskets or roll-out containers.
  • If you have space above the toilet, you can add a shelving unit
  • Weird corners can hold small shelves.
  • Over-the-door hangers can hold towels or bottles of lotions.
  • Baskets in the corner can hold toiletries or towels.
  • Organizers can be hung over the showerhead or attached to the tile to corral shampoo bottles.
  • Shelves or containers can be hung on the wall to hold toothbrushes, Q-tips, and cotton balls.
  • Closets can hold baskets or dividers to organize other stuff.
  • If you have a countertop, containers or small baskets can hold items
  • A basket can hold reading materials.
  • Guest baths can display extra soaps and lotions.
  • Store extra toilet paper or duplicate items in a separate space like a closet or basement until you need to replenish supplies.
  • Repurpose your medicine cabinet. Find a new, dry place for medication, away from the heat and humidity of the bathroom space.

There is a bin, tray, or basket useful for nearly everything.

Make it pleasing to look at
Your bathroom space needs to be functional as well as a pleasant place to be. Bathrooms can start your day off well. Ensuring the proper lighting and mirrors will have you looking your best. A well-thought-out space with everything handy can save time and give you confidence.

To make your bathroom more pleasant, you can try a different color, a decorative item, or a theme.  Creativity can especially be appropriate in a guest bathroom.

Since bathrooms are such small spaces, it is essential to keep them organized.  Since everything has its own space, spending 5 minutes picking up stray items or wiping up spills is effortless. A little goes a long way. Likewise, if your containers are filling up with new purchases or gifts, spend some time decluttering.

Hire a Professional Organizer

Need to get organized? Are you at a loss for where to begin? Maybe you just want to declutter or create a whole new space.  Similar to having a closet organized, you can also tackle other rooms, including the bathroom. A professional organizer can act as a consultant for a total remodel or offer tips and tricks to make your current bathroom more efficient. They will get to know you and find ways to make your bathroom work for you and your family.

Let’s Do It!