Imagine waking up in the morning refreshed and ready for your day. Your plan was to go to your home office down the hall and catch up on some work. You get an urgent text from your boss – the client meeting has been moved to today and you have to be at the office in an hour. You run to your closet and desperately start searching for that perfect outfit – it’s gotta be in here somewhere!

Closets might seem an afterthought to most people. It’s just a space where you hang your purchases and toss your shoes, and sometimes hide your mess, but an organized closet can be the key to your sanity. Having a well-organized space where you can quickly find what you need saves you money and time.

The Typical Closet

Many closets have a shelf and a hanging rod, or if it’s fancy, a wire closet organization system. Even walk-in closets have a lot of wasted space. Then it’s up to you to figure out how to fit your wardrobe in the space. Dresses on the left, shirts on the right – color coded? Purses in one basket, shoes in an over-the-door rack, t-shirts folded on a shelf, and what to do with socks and underwear? No matter how many tips you get off the internet, there’s never enough room and no matter how you organize things, it ends up in chaos.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a walk-in closet the size of a spare bedroom to be organized. Although if you do, these are called boutique closets, and the possibilities are endless! A simple reach-in closet can be customized to work for you.

Benefits of an Organized Space

Custom closets are designed to use every square inch of space.  From top to bottom and side to side, shelves, baskets, drawers, rods, and organizing features you haven’t thought about will create a beautiful and calming experience. There are so many benefits of an organized space.

Uses every bit of space to hold all your stuff
Most closets are underutilized. The space above the shelf and on the floor is rarely used or used poorly. Everyone does not use their closet in the same manner, and not everyone owns the same kind of stuff. Those that have a large shoe collection will need a different type of space than those who have just 3 pairs. A single person will use their space differently than a person who shares the closet with their partner.

It makes your life easy
With a custom closet, you won’t be losing your favorite shirt among the sea of other clothes. It becomes a pleasure to open the doors and find exactly what you want. Clutter causes stress and with a perfectly organized closet, you can eliminate the stress of finding clothes and shoes and concentrate on things that really matter.

Keeps your clothes in good shape
Many people spend a lot on clothes only to see them end up on the floor or stuffed in an overcrowded space. When everything has its place, its less likely to be creased or crumpled. As a result, you will start looking better, and it could build your confidence.

Saves you money
Have you ever gone out and bought an article of clothing and realized when you got home that you already own something that looks exactly like it? Did you forget what you owned, or did you just lose it in the clutter? With an organized closet, you can see exactly how many pairs of tan pants or black blouses you own. When you see something on sale, you can make a wise decision on how it fits in your wardrobe and budget.

You’ll discover your personal style
Once you have an organized custom closet, you won’t have space or tolerance for items you don’t like. Many people only wear 20% of the clothes they own. The rest of it just takes up space. A custom closet allows you to take a critical look at your clothes on a daily basis. If something is staring you in the face each day and keeps getting rejected, you can get rid of it and make room for things that you love.

Why can’t I organize my closet on my own?

You can…to a point. Let’s be honest, if your system was working for you, you probably wouldn’t have landed on this site. Plus, if you are disorganized, you may be overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start. Or your life is busy and the thought of spending a weekend organizing a closet doesn’t sound like that much fun.

There are several options for organizing your closet.

  1. Keep the same closet layout but search online for suggestions on how to organize. Spend money on hangers, baskets, and boxes.  This might work for you, or pretty soon you’ll be back in the same boat (Plus, it’ll never look like the picture).
  2. Go to a retail store or online and order a boxed closet solution. Once you get it home, empty your closet, hope it fits, and hope your stuff fits into the slots.
  3. Hire a professional organizer who will come into your home, take accurate measurements, and actually talk to you about your closet needs.

A professional closet organizer looks at closet solutions for a living.  They have seen and organized it all.  They know the latest tips and tricks.  They will get to know you and your closet needs, and work within your budget.  You don’t have to pick from a few closet templates; you get a solution designed just for YOU.  A professional organizer also has strategies for staying organized in your daily living.

Totally Organized Custom Closets

For the best professional organizer in Dallas, check out Totally Organized.  From bedroom closets to kitchen pantries and garages, Traci Olivares and her team will design a unique solution that will have you asking why you didn’t do it sooner.

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