Six Professional Closet Organization Ideas

Looking for closet organization ideas? Our team of professional organizers has years of experience transforming these storerooms from stressful to inspiring. Here are 6 of our tried-and-true closet organization ideas for your home.

Start by Decluttering

No list of closet organization ideas would be complete without this crucial step: decluttering. You simply cannot bring order to an overcrowded closet full of unnecessary items. As you go through the belongings you store in your closet, ask yourself: does this belong here or in another room? Does it have a specific use? Is it difficult to obtain again? Is it recent enough to be useful? What’s the worst thing that can happen if I let it go? Which of these items in the same category do I want to keep? Questions like these can help you free up a lot of space before you begin the next phase of organizing.

Give Everything a Home

A shelf for shoes. A rack for dress shirts. A drawer for towels. Each item you keep in your closet should have a specific home that is large enough to hold all the things you own in that category without overcrowding. This is a crucial part of maintaining an organized closet. If everything has a home, there is no excuse for things to be out of place. When you decide to store something new in your closet, be sure to give it a designated home as well.

Use Vertical Space

Many closet organization ideas come back to this principle: reclaiming vertical space. This can help you maximize storage possibilities without caving into clutter. Go above and below the clothing rack by installing cubbies and shelves perfect for storage bins, shoes, and hand bags. Another option is to move your clothing rod higher and install a second one below in order to double your hanging space.

Pick Functional Storage Supplies

Invest in storage supplies that can help you stay organized, maximize space, and quickly locate items. This might include bins, hampers, shoe racks, jewelry organizers, hangers, and hooks. The key to choosing storage items is to only buy things which have a specific function. Just like your belongings, the storage item should have a specific home in your closet, designed to make your organizational system easier to maintain.

Store Things Where You Can See Them

When you open your closet to decide what to wear in the morning, you want to be able to see all your options. Hang your clothes, store your shoes, and display your accessories in such a way that when you walk into your closet, you feel like you are entering a one-of-a-kind boutique where everything fits you. Save the opaque bins, drawers, and storage containers for off-season clothes, linens, and undergarments. Another great idea is to install strip lighting to your shelves to show off items in the best light.

Opt for a Stylish Finish

It is easy to let our closets get out of hand because we think of them as a space that no one sees. While it’s not the room where you do your entertaining, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a stylish space. When outfitting your closet, consider matching hangers, color-coordinated storage bins, a chic mirror, a hanging light fixture, a designer jewelry display, patterned wallpaper, and even decorative pieces like pottery and air plants. If you opt to give your closet a stylish finish, it becomes a calming space rather than a source of stress. Staying organized is a lot about reframing how we think about our space. So when we treat our closets with the same level of design as the rest of our house, we’ll be more motivated to maintain the organizational systems we set up.

Professional Closet Organization

Want help putting these closet organization ideas into practice? Totally Organized is a full-service organizing service that can bring order and style to any space. Our team of professional organizers will work to declutter and design an effective storage system customized to your needs. We also have access to high-end goods you won’t find in a typical container store. Reach out to Totally Organized today for a free consultation!

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