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Getting Organized for the Holidays

November 8, 2021|

Skip the overwhelm this year by getting organized for the holidays. Whether you are a person who greets the holiday season with open arms or dreads the rush and obligation, there are steps you can take to make it easier. 1. Plan Ahead The holidays can be stressful, and it's essential to plan ahead. [...]

How To Organize A Bathroom

October 25, 2021|

Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the house and often the most used. You rely on them for bathing, getting ready for the day, relaxing, and more. Often bathrooms are used to store towels, toiletries, makeup, first aid kits, and cleaning supplies. Bathrooms can be small or large, and depending on your household size, [...]

Pantry Organization

October 11, 2021|

You come home after a long day at the office, wanting some spaghetti for dinner. You find the noodles, but where the heck is that can of sauce you know you bought last week. After too much time looking through countless items in your pantry and wondering why you just found three cans of [...]

Why Have A Custom Closet

September 23, 2021|

Imagine waking up in the morning refreshed and ready for your day. Your plan was to go to your home office down the hall and catch up on some work. You get an urgent text from your boss – the client meeting has been moved to today and you have to be at the [...]

Luxury Home Organization

August 17, 2021|

Your home is your sanctuary – the place where you return to and relax, where you display your most prized possessions, and where you host dinner parties and family gatherings.  Your home should make your life easy. Whether you are moving into a new home or feel that your space could be better organized, you [...]

Closet Organizing Ideas

July 31, 2021|

Too many of us imagine that closet organization is one of those things you only need to think about if you've got a massive amount of clothes or a closet big enough to hold a small party in. The truth is that getting your storage space in order, no matter how small it may [...]


“Traci is full of easy tips, tricks, and ideas to help get “life on track”. She has given me ideas to help keep me focused and eliminate the chaos in my life. If you haven’t met with Traci to discuss ways to organize your life, you should. She’s also available to meet with groups, so don’t keep her to yourself!”

– J. McAloon

“Traci is so amazing, she is so suportive and helps keep me organized! She organized my office – out with the old, in with the new. Now I am ready for business! Thank you Traci!”

– Carrie S.

Traci Olivares has been an absolute God-send to me! Moving is so stressful. It is overwhelming and quite the daunting task. She rolled up her sleeves and just started unpacking, sorting, and organizing. Prior to the moving truck showing up, she lined all my drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. She prepped as much as she could before the items arrived. As she sorted and organized she made a list of containers and things she needed so that on the following day she would put those items where they needed to go and get things nice and tidy. She also did my pantry and it looks absolutely amazing. I thought I was a pretty organized and tidy person, but after watching Traci go to work, and do the things that she did in a short amount of time, she takes organization to a whole new level. My kitchen makes complete sense to me, my bathroom drawers look amazing and all my beauty products have a home. She made my move enjoyable and much less stressful, AND it looks just so wonderful. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to anyone who is looking for her services. I wish I had used her prior to my move to pack the house up. She would have marked the boxes more specific than the movers and things would have been packed nicer. Her package pricing is priceless for the services she provides and I can’t say enough about how instrumental she has been in getting me moved into my home. If you are on the fence about using her services because you think you can do it better, or you would rather not spend the money…PLEASE THINK TWICE because I promise, you will be so happy you invested in her services and let her help you manage your move. I used to dread moving, but after using her, I could honestly say that if I had to move again, I wouldn’t dread it knowing I had her on my team to help me out. Traci, you are a God-sent Angel!!!”

– Michelle S.


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