So you’ve decided to hire someone to help you organize your home or office, but now you’re faced with another big decision: how to choose a professional organizer. What should you look for as you browse your options? What makes one professional organizer stand out from the rest? Letting someone into your space can be an incredibly vulnerable experience, so choosing a professional organizer you can trust is important.

These ten questions will help you learn how to choose a professional organizer.

What To Ask A Professional Organizer

1.) How experienced are they? The first question you should ask when considering a potential organizer is how much experience they have in the field. Keep in mind that some organizers are parents who do this on the side part-time, whereas others treat this as a full-time job, so years of experience might mean something different from one organizer to another.

2.) Are they passionate about organizing? Many organizers are in the industry for the money, and their lack of passion shows up in their work. The best professional organizers love what they do, and likewise, that passion drives the results you will see in your space.

3.) What are their time minimums? It is common practice for professional organizing services to require a minimum commitment of hours for new clients. However, not all of them do. The length of this minimum can tell you something about their quality of service. Be wary of professional organizers who quote you an 8-hour minimum even for small projects. They may be padding the time rather than offering the flexibility your project might need.

4.) How much is the organizer paid from the company’s hourly rate? When a professional organizing service quotes you an hourly rate, ask how much of that money is paid to the organizer directly. An organizer who is compensated well will take ownership of their work. One who is paid a fraction of the hourly cost, however, has less motivation to perform their task well; this lower rate of pay may also be a sign that the organizer they will send to your home is less experienced.

5.) Are they insured and bonded? Business bonds and insurance protect you from financial liability if a worker is injured on your property, something is stolen, or the job is done incorrectly. It is risky to choose a professional organizer who cannot provide this documentation.

6.) What do they do with unwanted stuff? Getting organized often involves getting rid of a lot of excess belongings. Ask prospective organizing services if they handle donations and trash removal, or whether these things are your responsibility once the job is finished.

7.) Do they charge for shopping? Beware of hidden fees when choosing a professional organizer. Ask upfront if they charge extra for shopping—the time spent purchasing organizational containers needed for the home—or if this service is included for free.

8.) What is their privacy policy? Letting someone into your disorganized home is an act of trust, so you want to be sure your organizers will respect your privacy. Ask about their policies regarding confidentiality. Will they take before and after pictures of your space, and if so, will you have a say in whether they are used for marketing purposes?

9.) How will they leave the space at the end of the day? Organizing projects can take place over several days or even weeks. Before choosing a professional organizer, ask if they will wrap up before they leave for the day, or if you will be forced to look at the mess of a half-completed project during the time in-between their visits.

10.) Are they certified? While an organizer does not need formal certification to be a professional, specialized training gives them an added degree of credibility. It demonstrates that they want to maintain and expand their knowledge of the craft.

Why Choose Totally Organized Life?

Totally Organized is a Dallas-Fort Worth based professional organizing service that can help transform your space. Knowing how to choose a professional organizer involves asking the ten questions discussed above, so here are our answers—ten great reasons to choose Totally Organized:

1.) We are experienced. Our founder, Traci Olivares, has been in the professional organizing business since 2007.

2.) We are passionate. For our organizers, this is not just a job—it is a passion. We consider ourselves lifestyle experts and love transforming the lives of our clients through their spaces.

3.) We do not charge a pre-packaged number of hours. We know flexibility is important to our clients, and we believe our work speaks for itself.

4.) Our organizers make more money per hour than the company does. Good work deserves good pay, so all our organizers are compensated with professional rates.

5.) We are insured and bonded. You do not have to worry about liability in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

6.) We handle donations and trash. We can remove unwanted items from your home—with your permission—to donate or toss.

7.) We do not charge for shopping. Time spent shopping for organizing products is built into the price and will not cost you extra.

8.) We respect your privacy. At Totally Organized, we treat your home and belongings as confidential. We will not use photos of your space—before or after—without permission.

9.) We leave your space clean. We will not leave you with a mess at the end of the day during multi-day projects. Before we leave, we wrap up as if we aren’t coming back.

10.) We are certified. Totally Organized is led by Traci Olivares, a Certified Productive Environment Specialist (CPES) with Barbara Hemphill’s Productive Environment Institute.

Now that you know how to choose a professional organizer, contact Totally Organized for a free quote today!

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